Roadside assistance

The VPP includes a membership in the premier German automobile club - ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club). Not only does the ADAC provide roadside assistance, but as a member you are eligible for a large number of other benefits – from travel planning and insurance to special rates on rental cars.


The VPP will reimburse certain costs for overnight stays and meals if you are stranded away from home due to a vehicle breakdown.

Courtesy car

In case the authorized repair of your vehicle will take an extended period of time, the VPP allows for the use of a courtesy car at no cost. The maximum period of time for use of the courtesy car is 15 days.

Many repair locations

The VPP will allow you to have your vehicle repaired at many repair facilities throughout Germany. You only have to contact PMA to make sure the facility is authorized by them to work on your car.

Direct contact with PMA

Patriot Military Automobiles administers the program directly. There is not any third party involved in the VPP. This will ensure prompt and efficient service for you. PMA also has a full service facility at your disposal to advise on repairs and other aspects of the program.

Protection - On the Road or Close to Home


Buying a car, SUV, small truck or any other personal vehicle, whether new or pre-owned,can be a considerable investment of your hard-earned money. Advances in technology, manufacturing and other factors have ensured that vehicles built in the last several years are put together better than ever. But, vehicles are complex machines and not completely immune to mechanical breakdown that may require a major repair.
With a Vehicle Protection Program you can help protect yourself from unexpected repair costs that may result in a hefty burden on your wallet.
The Patriot Military Automobiles (PMA) program can give you the assurance of knowing that your vehicle is covered anywhere in Germany – whether you are on the road or close to home.

Keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum


Like prices for just about everything these days, the cost of replacement parts and repairs are increasing from year to year. One unexpected breakdown could result in thousands of dollars of costs to repair and replace a faulty part. Also, with the advanced technology built into vehicles, not only can repairs be costly, but they can be unpredictable.
A Vehicle Protection Program can help protect you against the possibility of incurring potentially high and unexpected expenses.